Body Logic Westlake Village

Body Logic Chiropractic and Sports Therapy


Located in Westlake Village, California, Body Logic Sports Therapy has expertly helped patients to improve and restore their physical performance in a safe and supportive environment since 1992. The experienced and courteous staff at Body Logic Sports Therapy has the knowledge and ability to help individuals to regain their previous level of activity.

Body Logic Sports Therapy offers a variety of services, including athletic performance training, nutritional counseling, and posture analysis. The center aims to improve individuals’ posture through biomechanics, postural training, and ergonomic analysis for work and home. Body Logic Sport Therapy’s athletic performance training bolsters core and trunk stabilization, linear and lateral speed, and flexibility. By following the center’s nutritional counseling guidelines, athletes can improve hydration and nutritional supplementation, as well as aid weight loss or gain.

At Body Logic Sports Therapy, the skilled professionals aim to help patients improve their level of physical activity and performance through massage and physical therapy, as well as chiropractic care. The various types of therapy include pre- and post-surgical rehabilitation, corrective exercises, myofascial release, spinal and joint mobilization, as well as deep-tissue and therapeutic massage. At Body Logic Sports Therapy, customers also have access to a state-of-the-art fitness center that has a multitude of free weights, Swiss and medicine balls, resistance bands, and other training equipment like the Keiser functional trainer. Individuals who come to Westlake Village can also improve their golf game by improving their physical strength and movement. The clinic offers programs developed by the Titleist Performance Institute, which are used by professional golfers to correct their swing and improve movement.


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